CBRNE Response Training
Federal Resources has more than 20 years of military chemical, biological, and radiological defense experience to support DoD, Federal, State, and Local communities throughout the United States.

Federal Resources' world-class expertise in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) provides our customers the tools they need to prepare and respond to threats effectively. We offer standardized curriculum programs of instruction and training exercises using planning tools, training materials, and clinically validated operational procedures. Federal Resources can be your trusted source for comprehensive services in terrorism preparedness and response.

Our philosophy is to educate customers on what technologies are available, the product advantages and limitations and what product would fit the customerís application. All of our safety sales personnel have been extensively trained to aid in the education of a customer. At Federal Resources we care about the customer and our goal is to sell only the right equipment needed. Our sales staff brings vast product knowledge to the table due to their time served in the military using the product, directing fire departments as the fire chief or extensive use in the field of the equipment we sell. Federal Resources believes that not one customer is the same, so we offer a customized service of tailoring equipment specifically to the needs of your workers. We currently provide onsite safety and health training, domestic preparedness product and application training, mobile fit testing and field calibration.

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HazMat IQ, LLC is a revolutionary hazardous materials response training company that teaches responders how to think at hazmat emergencies. The HazMat IQ system uses chemistry information to assist responders in selecting what personal protective equipment (PPE) and air monitoring instruments (meters) are needed to safely mitigate an incident. Through the use of Smart Charts responders leave a training session with battle-tested skills and a quiet confidence. The simplicity and effectiveness of the HazMat IQ system is experiential based, and, because all courses are designed and taught by first responders for first responders.

HazMatIQ is the brainchild of Cris Aguirre and Joe Gorman, who have over 50 years combined experience as fire and hazmat first responders. The HazMatIQ system has been taught across the United States since 2006 to thousands of responders. Additionally, classroom sessions are now being taught worldwide in Argentina, Canada, India, and Puerto Rico.

Why Federal Resources
  • Classroom instruction on WMD and Emergency Response Events for CBRNE incidents
  • Drills for First Responders
  • Joint Operations training
  • Distance learning technologies
  • Crisis and consequence management operations instruction development and implementation

HazMatIQ Courses

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